In the year 2000 straight after the Sydney Olympics, a club called IKAIKA was formed by Olympian Shelley Oates-Wilding & her husband in Sydney. The mission of that club was to provide opportunities for kayakers and multi-sport athletes to participant in Outrigger Canoeing and compete in State, National and International competitions. In the 3 years of the club, the women’s team was undefeated in Australia, the men placed top 2 in every event and a junior team was developed to perpetuate the sport.

    In 2004, Shelley moved to the Olympic Site outside Atlanta to coach the USA Premier Canoe and Kayak Club: Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club (LCKC). In 2006, Shelley returned to Australia to compete for Australian in the World Championships for Kayaking, continue to paddle outrigger with the prestigious Team Bradley and work towards the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2008 she trained for the Olympic Games while coaching juniors to the National Sprint Kayaking Championships and the Olympic Hopefuls Regatta in Croatia. In 2010, she relocated to Hawaii after being hired as the head coach of “Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team” (HCKT).

     In 2012 Shelley decided to develop her own organization to develop and perpetuate the positive benefits of the Hawaii Waterman through delivering safe, fun, learning experiences with trained coaching of water activities such as kayak, outrigger, surfski, Stand up paddle boards, paddle boards and rowing. With the growing awareness of Hawaii’s abundance of youthful potential for the next generation of champion paddlers, IKAIKA HAWAII was formed as the name IKAIKA meaning strength and perseverance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In 2013 IKAIKA HAWAII gained its 501c3 status and has continued to grow a productive board to support our mission of perpetuating the development of champion waterman both on and off the water through positive water sport activities. Ikaika Hawaii Athletic History and Resume  2013 Was the Inaugural Year of Ikaika Hawaii to field traveling representative teams. April—-National Trials in Oklahoma City Ikaika Hawaii athlete Kawika Kaleleiki, performed well in both the 200m and 1000m to gain selection in the USA Canoe and Kayak Team. He represented both Hawaii and the USA at the Lake Placid Invitational Regatta, and went on to compete in the Olympic Hopefuls Regatta in the Czech Republic in September, 2013. August— National Kayaking Sprint Championships—Oklahoma City. Ikaika Hawaii was represented by 14 athletes of which ALL made National finals (unfortunately many of these races were then cancelled due to extreme local weather). Kai’olu DeFries won her first National medal which was also Ikaika’s first medal, when she took Bronze in the K2 200m event.                                                                                                                                 Late in 2013 Ikaika Hawaii joined with the Waikiki Yacht Club to provide a great home for the growth of the Watermans Program. Program Director Shelley Oates-Wilding was employed by the WYC to deliver the Watermans Program for the members of the Yacht Club. Ikaika Hawaii continues to grow its programs with wonderful facilities and with great support from the Club and its members. WYC Ikaika went on to take 12 athletes to the National Trials.  With Kaya McTigue gaining selection in the USA Canoe and Kayak Team. She represented Hawaii and the USA at the Lake Placid Invitational Regatta, and went on to the Olympic Hopefuls Regatta in Piestany, Slovakia. In addition, several of Ikaika’s Junior Men, Senior Men and Junior Women finished in the top ten in the country.  Later that year we took 20 athletes to the National Kayaking Sprint Championships—Oklahoma City and came home with a total of 10 medals: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS & GOLD MEDALISTS Kai’olu Defries & Hana Ito, both IKAIKA HAWAII Scholarship winners.  SILVER MEDALISTS Jr Men’s K2 5000m. Mana Garcia IKAIKA HAWAII Scholarship winner & Brandon Markowski. BRONZE MEDALISTS Sr Women’s K4 500m Kelly Graf, Hana Ito, Kai’olu Defries, & Sam Barlow (San Diego) BRONZE MEDALIST Jr Men’s K1 200m Jon Chee. BRONZE MEDALISTS JV Men’s K2 1000m Nat Yee & Ethan Jung.  

Each year 2013through to now we take young and old athletes to the National Championships and continue to increase our participation and results. Each year we continue to prepare athletes for the National Trials and have had representatives in the National Team every year since Ikaika Started

Other Achievements:  ILH KAYAKING: IKAIKA Athletes have always placed in the top few in each division as well as several All Stars each year.  2013-14 Riley Kawananakoa & Waileia DeFries both won the ILH JV Championships Series and Riley also won the Championship Race. IKAIKA Athlete Kai’olu DeFries won the Varsity Championship Series and Championship Race in the Sprint Division & was one of many Ikaika athletes who became ILH ALL STAR Kayakers. Kaya McTigue was second in the Varsity Distance Series and Championship race as well as an ILH ALL STAR Kayaker. In the boys division, Nick Dunham 3rd in the Varsity Championship Series and Championship Race also an ILH ALL STAR. Other IKAIKA Athletes on the All Star Team include: Hana Ito, Dylan Dimarchi and Jon Chee.  

CANOE PADDLING: In ILH & STATE Championships IKAIKA athletes continue to field many  teams and participate with great results and enjoyment. 2013-14 Ikaika Athletes placed 2 and 3 in the boys and mixed crews in the State Championships.   MOLOKAI  In 2013 Ikaika took a team of 13-15 year old boys to paddle between Molokai & Oahu. They were not allowed to actually compete in the Molokai Hoe but their time over the same distance would have placed them top 25 in the Molokai Hoe the day later. That year IKAIKA athletes were in the top three place getting crews.                                                                                                                    

SURF SKI & SINGLE WATERMAN'S CRAFT: Every year since 2013 IKAIKA Athletes competed in several of the Kanaka Ikaika and Paa Distance Races and continue to rank very high in their respective divisions. 2013 Kalei Kaho’okele won the OC1 KANAKA IKAIKA State Championships. IKAIKA Athletes also competed successfully in a variety of Waterman’s events through out the year in kayak, surf ski, paddle board, SUP and even surfing events.

Ikaika Hawaii looks forward to continuing as the platform for these and other young athletes to grow and develop into the finest example of athlete, scholar, and community leader possible.                                                                                                                            Ikaika Hawaii continuing to support the  development of  young Waterman as champions both on and off the water! Our athletes continue to develop the ASPIRE Philosophy and excel in Kayaking, ILH Sports, Community Projects and we support and provide them with opportunities to represent themselves, Hawaii and the USA , travel the World and develop the pathway to college.